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Newly Released/最新通信

Opening for kids from 6 months to 5 years old.


Please call (415) 602-9863 for more information

要了解详情请电 (415) 602-9863

We are located in central Alameda, in a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood that is well situated and commute friendly. We speak English and Chinese, speak Manderine and Cantonese.
我们位于东弯的阿拉米德市的中部, 周围环境优美, 安静舒适, 位置适中, 交通便利. 我们讲中英文, 讲国语和广东话.
   Contact us
   Julia's Family Daycare
   (Facility No. 013422706)
  Phone: (415) 602-9863/(510) 269-2396
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